Three Simple Self Care Rituals for When You Are Struggling

Three Simple Self Care Rituals for When You Are Struggling.jpg

I don't know if any of you read Tiny Buddha, but lately it seems like the universe is sending me signs in the form of these essays. The topics seem to be switching back and forth from finding a fulfilling job to the importance of self care and meditation.


It seems that no matter how good my intentions are for self care the minute stress and anxiety start to spiral I let these things slide. I've found the best way for me to stay remotely sane when everything is moving too fast is to take three simple moments and make them so routine you don't even think about it - it just becomes part of who you are.


Sit. Breathe. Bathe.


These three thing have become almost ritualistic in how I get through my day. They are my touchstones to check in with myself. I wake up every morning and do some stretches while Isaac makes coffee. Lately I've been trying to finish it off with a moment of meditation, just spending time take ten deep breaths and clearing my mind.


I try to find time halfway through the day to take another ten breaths and just observe the state I'm in, whether it's happy, grumpy, stressed or just meh.


At the end of the day I take a long hot bath either with candles just thinking or reading whatever book I'm into. These three little rituals are what help keep me grounded when I'm feeling too lost to handle the bigger self care acts like going for a run or making it to a yoga class.