Have You Heard of Thinx and How They Can Change Your Life?


Have you heard of Thinx? They make period panties. Seriously. Panties with built in protection that you wear either as backup to a tampon or cup to save your clothes and sheets in case of leaks or you just use as a substitute for any of the “traditional” period products. Basically, you free bleed into them. And let me tell you - they are life changing. 

I’ve always had super heavy periods. I seriously think it’s a miracle that women can bleed THAT MUCH and still live - we’re freaking magical unicorns in my opinion. One of the things that comes with my chronic pelvic pain is that it hurts to have anything inside my vagina. Yes, that means sex can be an issue, but that’s another convo. But it also means that wearing a tampon or cup is not an option - so for years all I could wear were pads. I don’t know about you, but I hate them. They feel like I’m wearing a diaper, look strange under clothes, and just feel plain gross. Finding Thinx was an absolute game-changer. 

Not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical at first. With how heavy my periods are (and not just blood - they’re all weird and clotty too) I never thought they would work. The first time I wore them I was just hanging out around the house, just in case. When there were no issues with that, I ventured out of the house (in all black). After that period, I’ve never switched back to other methods - Thinx are all I use, all the time. I usually wear one set during the day, then switch it out for a clean one in the evening. I absolutely LOVE them.


To be fair, there are a few things that were hard to get used to. I don’t have laundry in my apartment, so I just hand wash them throughout my cycle & then do the washing machine at the end of it. The water does run red at first, which should be an obvious “duh” - you’re washing out blood after all. But we’re taught to hide all signs of our period, so our own blood isn’t something we’re used to seeing. And when we do, we thinking of it as dirty or gross. Hand washing it out has made me have a new respect for my bleeding, my body, and how frickin magical it all is. While you’re wearing them you don’t feel the “wet” feeling you would expect, but they do feel a little cold. After a few months, after wearing them all day they can smell a little bit at the end of the day, but it’s never anything I’ve smelled through my clothes and it hasn’t been an issue.  

All that said, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. These things are beautiful - my favourite are the high waisted ones. I feel beautiful in them, which is a feat with how much pain my body is in when I have my period, and how much I swell up (seriously - like double my regular size). I love that can wear whatever I want without worrying it’ll get wrecked - I often wear just these on our white sheets & couch. And the biggest benefit? No pain!

A word of advice if, like me, your size changes drastically when you’re on your period: take your measurements to find your size while you’re on your period. I selected my size based on my normal measurements, but I swell up like six inches when I’m bleeding so they were painfully tight. Luckily, their customer service is out of this world and they sent me a new set for free (this is a normal thing they do, not just for me). 

If you you want to try Thinx for yourself, you can shop via this link to get $10 off (full disclosure- I’ll get $10 too as part of their normal loyalty program). I couldn’t recommend them more, whether your just wearing them as backup on your heavy days or they’re what you use your whole period - they’re the best things I’ve ever used, and make my period so much better! 


PS: this post isn’t sponsored, I just love them and think you might too!