How Being Gentle Can Help Soothe Anxiety


Being gentle, especially with myself, is something I really struggle with. I have a tendency to push - through the pain, through the anxiety, through to the end. I get frustrated and angry with myself, with my mind, with my body, very easily. It’s especially hard when most of the times it feels like my body & mind are working against me, cause me so much pain, and just generally make like harder. So I push back rather than being gentle. I also push things to move quickly. I jump in deep rather than testing the waters first. I want everything done NOW. All the answers NOW. Not only that, but I want it done perfectly.

Learning to go slowly has been a struggle. It goes against all of my natural tendencies. But the thing is, when I look at things a little kinder, when I go with the flow, when I’m GENTLE, things are easier. Yes, there’s still pain, but I have respect for it. It doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a human, it just means I need to live a little differently than most people.

Rather than needing all of my life goals accomplished in the next fucking week, I can gently achieve the same things - and actually enjoy them. Gentle means appreciating and enjoying the process. It means kindness, love and respect for where I am in this exact moment. And honestly, it means a hell of a lot less anxiety. There’s a trust in being gentle - that I’m safe, that I’m taken care of, and that I’m worthy.

This is the word I bring up when I’m panicking. It’s what I remember when I start getting ahead of myself and trying to do everything all at once. It’s also what I have stamped inside my bag. While I might not see it every single time, I know it’s there, and I can feel it’s gentle magic - kinda like how I might not have all the answers, but they are there even if I can’t see them. It reminds me that everything is perfect exactly as it is, and I am right where I’m meant to be.