Are You Puzzled by Your Intuition?


We all inherently have the ability to use our intuition. It’s not something that’s given to a select few or gifted because we’re “special” or “chosen”. The ability is in all of us, we just need to learn how to use it. We have to learn ourselves, get to know who we truly are, in order to be able to connect with our intuition. Our intuition is our soul speaking to us, so we need to know who we actually are on a soul level to know our intuition. They are one and the same.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hear your intuition until you know every part of yourself. Think of your intuition like a puzzle. At first, you don’t have a fucking clue how it’s going to work out, what piece goes where, or sometimes even what the completed picture will look like irl. You just start putting pieces down, trying to connect them, seeing what fits where. The more pieces you connect, the easier it gets to connect the other pieces. You get hints, a guide, a clearer picture of what the whole thing looks like. Until eventually, it all comes together, and it all makes sense. 

The more time and energy you spend on the puzzle that is you, the more your intuition guides you deeper to yourself. You stop feeling so lost, or like you’re blindly trying to make your way through life. You know who you are (which is what self esteem is - knowing yourself). You find the pieces that make you you, discover how they fit together, and the beautiful, whole picture they create. You learned to trust yourself in the process of finding yourself. It doesn’t mean you will always have the answers, but you will know how to trust the process in finding them. You’ve developed the skill of putting the puzzle together, piece by piece. 

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