What You Need to Know About Sizes and Measurements


I believe standard sizing cause a huge disconnect between you and your body. Focusing on the measuring yourself and choosing garments that way creates a deeper relationship with your body. It guides you to get to know yourself a little more intimately. To start to heal and love yourself a little more. 

Standard clothing sizes create fear, self consciousness & anxiety around your bodies. These sizes are based on some unreal ideal, and they are all dictated by someone else. Instead of learning the intimate details of your body, like you have to with knowing your actual measurements, you’re listening to external voices. You’re not trusting what your body actually is & what it needs; you’re depending on others to tell you.

Standard sizes also rely on comparisons. They place labels on you that you may not want, or that you may not relate to. You don’t get to define yourself, for yourself. You’re compared to some imaginary, unreal average or ideal, always trying to reach for something outside of yourself. This sizes are not based in reality, and are completely made up. So when you're choosing a size, you're picking something that doesn't actually exist, again disconnecting yourself from your beautiful body.

Dressing yourself should be an act of love. But for it to become that, you need to learn your body. Develop a relationship with it. Learn it’s likes, dislikes, quirks, details. Get to know the “good” and the “bad”, and how to love it all. Knowing your measurements is the perfect first step to take towards a deeper, more love filled relationship with your body.