Suffering With Chronic Pain? This Might Actually Help.


Having lived with chronic, almost daily pain for well over four years now, I’ve learned a few tricks about managing pain. There are numerous different ways to do so, and what works for one person might not work for others. These are just a few of the things I rely on to get through day-to-day life. 


I’ve done both the regular Western way (aka taking ALL THE PILLS) and more alternative ways. I use both depending on my pain and what my body needs. I do have prescriptions for strong pain meds, but only because I do not have a history of addiction and because I am closely monitored by both my doctors and counsellor. The nature of opioids is that your body adjusts to them and requires more and more to be effective the longer you use them. I also personally find that they make my anxiety and depression worse, so I try to only use them when necessary. 


The best thing I’ve found so far in my search is marijuana. I don’t know the ins & out of all of it, but I do know that I take CBD almost daily (not when I have to drive though) and THC when needed for the pain. This was life changing for me. The THC works within minutes, while codeine can take up to an hour to kick in. It doesn’t always take the pain away, especially when it’s really bad, but it does distance it in a way that I feel like I can breathe again. And the CBD oil not only helps with pain, but it works wonders on anxiety too. I also use it to help stop panic attacks, or when my mind is spiralling and I can’t stop. It calms it down enough that I can focus and get through the day. It’s also a preemptive strategy, as it can usually keep the pain at bay for most of the day. 


I do sometimes use different herbs, like the mugwort, catnip and damiana in the Holy Smokes, but that seems to only really work for anxiety and minor pain for me. There’s different teas I use from time to time, but those need to be run through an herbalist to make sure they’re safe. I also take magnesium everyday, as well as a couple other vitamins like D & B. 

And if none of those work...

Also: if the pain is so bad I can barely breathe, sit up, or lay down, I’m going to the hospital. And I will take whatever drugs they can give me to make it stop. I do not always believe in breathing through it or trying to learn from it, nor do I think all prescription drugs are bad. It does not make you weak to not be able to get through it. Being in so much pain that all I can manage to do is lay in a ball and cry, or that it makes me think suicide is the only way to make it stop, is not helpful for ANYONE. And if there’s something the doctors can do to help, I’m taking it.