Do you equate money with worth?


It’s totally okay to want money. We need it for this human existence. I personally believe I’m meant to live in secure, expansive luxury in this lifetime. I value myself enough to know I’m worthy of not stressing about “survival”. I trust the things I want that come from my soul’s expression, not pride or ego, will come to me if it’s in service of my highest self. If not, then I’m meant to follow a different path that will have more impact and be more aligned with my true soul’s purpose.


It’s not ok for money to be everything. It cannot be your only marker of success, or what you’re basing your worthiness on. The human spirit is so much bigger than that. This life is meant to teach us more than how to make ends meet or accumulate wealth. Your purpose is not related to a dollar amount – it’s about your impact on this world and all the humans to follow after you.


Take a minute to check in with yourself…


  • Are you living in alignment with your values?

  • Are you proud of who you are as a human?

  • Do you know you are worthy, no matter what external trappings you have?

  • Do you show the ones you love you are appreciative and grateful of them? Are you brave enough to be open and vulnerable?

  • Are you kind, not just to the ones you love, or the ones who can give you something, but everyone you meet?

  • Do you judge harshly, or can you forgive?

  • Can you treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are?

  • Can you give to yourself as well as others?

Be gentle with yourself when doing this work. It goes deep, and can be hard. But you are strong. You’ve got this. You also don’t have to do it alone though - we all need support sometimes.

If you feel like you need a little extra support processing and releasing, book a free one-hour guidance session here.