The Five Pieces Every Wardrobe Needs


When it comes to wardrobe essentials, I don't believe in telling people exactly what they need. We each lead such different lives that what works in one wardrobe probably does not work in another. I have seen so many lists that prescribe what each and every person should have, like a pencil skirt, skinny black trousers and good pair of denim. None of those things make sense for my style or my lifestyle, and I know many others who would agree with me.

What I do believe is that there are core functions that we all need our clothing to perform for us, whether that is to make us feel comfortable, competent, beautiful or powerful. Below are the five things I think that every wardrobe should have. In the Free Resources section you can find a little workbook to help you work through what your five key wardrobe pieces are! Sign up below or click here.

Pieces to wear at home, lounging around

This absolutely should be something you feel both comfortable and beautiful in. For me, it's either an oversized t-shirt & underwear or a cotton caftan/maxi dress. As soon as I walk in the door, the pants & bra come off.

A one-piece outfit you can throw on and instantly walk out the door

We all need something to reach for when we don't have the time or energy to be bothered with styling. My own wardrobe is basically built out of these pieces. Things like my Elizabeth Suzann tank,  notPERFECTLINEN tunic, or a custom black jumpsuit can all easily be an outfit on their own. I know I can grab any one of these, throw them on and walk out the door feeling and looking good.

A layering piece that dresses up an everyday outfit

Whether you work from home, an office or a retail job, there are times that you might want to feel a little more polished. I find that rather than buying an entire outfit or separate wardrobe (yes, that's a thing) it is much more affordable and sustainable to have layering pieces. Throw this on with one of your one piece outfits and you should be good to go! This could be a blazer, piece of jewelry or pair of shoes. I always turn to long black trench and heeled ankle boots to dress up anything I own.

A piece that when you throw it on just makes you feel unstoppable

This is your go-to piece when you have a tough event or are feeling less than confident. It can also be what you pull on when you're struggling with self esteem. My "instant confidence" piece is a flowy black silk dress with a deep v-neck. Done.

A piece that makes you feel like "you"

We should all have something that brings us comfort and makes us feel safe going out into the world. For me, that's a giant scarf. It has gotten to the point where I don't feel like "me" without one - they've become an integral part of my style. For the last five years I've worn one with most outfits, and it's become almost like a security blanket to me. I can wrap myself up and hide from the world, or use it in photoshoots to give my hands something to do (seriously - what do you do with your hands?!). It just makes me feel like me when I put it on.

Autumn Dress by Christy Dawn.

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