"Hear-ye, Hear-ye, I'm Bleeding From My Lady Parts"


I have excruciating chronic pain linked to my menstruation cycle. When I ovulate, PMS, and have my period, I can have pain so bad that I can't walk, and often end up in the hospital. I'll talk more about dealing with chronic pain in future posts, but for now I want to start with something that exasperates me: the way our periods are treated and misunderstood.

Being in and out of the hospital, most male doctors have either brushed me off, not taken me seriously, or legit diagnosed me as "it's all in my head". I can't help but feel if it was something that wasn't related to my period, or if I was a man, I would not be treated as such. And it's not just in those situations - it's in men not wanting to even say the word period. Or on tv where it's a big deal when men have to buy tampons. Periods are treated as an "issue" that solely impacts women, and is not worth their time worrying about*. Fuck that.

This video sums up everything that infuriates me about how our society treats menstruation better than I ever could - so just watch it. The title of this post is one of the lines in it.

On a lighter note... there's also this  and this.

I also love everything about the photos from the “No Shame” ad campaign by Easy Period (fun fact: this Canadian company DELIVERS period products to you... with a chocolate bar!). It normalizes everything about periods - from wearing a tampon (not just dancing around in white pants) to what it looks like taking a bath with your period. I absolutely love that they also have men in these images, as having a partner who understands and supports you while you're bleeding from the vagina is integral to having a healthy relationship.

* there are of course exceptions to this. The last time I was in the hospital my doc was male, and he took the time to explain endo to me, and kept me there until he was able to get the pain under control (which took about 6 hours of hardcore IV pain meds - something going home and "taking an advil" clearly would not fix - yes, I've been told that). My partner is also the most wonderful man, who was as irritated with the men's answers in the that video as I was, and who knows exactly what kind of pads I use. He's spectacular.