How to Dress for Transitioning Seasons


Having an intuitive wardrobe means I don't have separate capsules or collections for each season. I wear everything in my closet year round and don't store anything away (with the exception of my two pairs of shorts). This means I have learned many tricks for how to make pieces work for different weather, even if at first glance it seems like it might not work. Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, here are my five favourite tips for transitioning your wardrobe between the seasons.

1. Layers, layers, layers

The easiest way to bring any summery clothing piece into fall, or add some warmth when your heart needs to wear spring pieces but there's still snow on the ground? Layer it. Throw a cardigan or blazer overtop of dresses, tanks, jumpsuits... anything really. For light, breezy pants? Wear them with an oversized fisherman's knit or cropped sweater. Layer t-shirts or thin sweaters under sleeveless dresses and jumpsuits. You can also always use an unbuttoned shirt as a cardigan when you want a little warmth without the bulk.

Having a couple good layering pieces is essential to any wardrobe. They are what make this whole project work. You can mix and match textures, colours, sizes and shapes to make any outfit work for any season (read this post for tips on creating outfits).

2. Add Some Tights

Tights are another MVP when it comes to layering. My favourite trick is to wear them under culottes with a riding boot, heeled ankle boot or oxford to get more wear out of them as the weather turns cold. You can of course also use them under dresses and skirts, or even shorts if that's your thing. Just an FYI - Swedish Stockings makes the best tights I've ever used. They fit comfortably, don't run or tear easily, and they're the best for the environment (made out or recycled products)!

3. Switch Up Your Shoes

Another simple way to carry your summer pieces into fall (or vice versa) is just by switching up your shoes. Closed-toe mules, clogs, ankle boots, oxfords, ballet flats and riding boots all pair wonderfully with dresses, skirts and any kind of pant. I also like doing a tall boot with cropped, wide leg pants, with the pants over top of the boot. It has a clean, artistic vibe that I'm into (plus keeps you extra warm). Whichever way you choose to go, just make sure the colour tones of the pants and shoes blend for the most pulled together look.

4. Play With Textures

Lots of summery pieces are light, floaty and gauzy. I love the juxtapostion of pairing something light with something heavier. A silk slip dress under a chunky knit cardigan. Cotton gauze pants with a knee length sweater. A light linen tank with a velvet skirt. Heavier, cozier textures bring anything with a summery feel into the land of candles, pumpkins & chilly, early evenings. If your skin hasn't seen the sun in months, adding in some lighter pieces will start to give you some hope that summer IS coming... soon.

5. Accessorize to Your Heart's Content

Switching up your accessories changes the feel of your clothes (plus keeps you from being bored of wearing the same thing year round). Adding a huge knit scarf or toque instantly makes it feel like autumn. A wide brim hat, heavier rings and necklaces, and darker tones (whether in jewels or makeup) all help transition that piece you lived in all summer to something you'll live in all autumn. Ready to lighten up? Trade that wool hat for a straw panama one, the heavy knit scarf for a bright silk one, and play around with lighter, brighter make-up!

Skirt: notPERFECTLINEN // Shirt: Thrifted // Hat: Black Tulip Hats