How to Learn to Trust Your Intuition


Learning to hear my intuition has been quite a journey. Especially having anxiety it took a lot of practice to differentiate my inner voice from my anxious voice (I call it Igor). While I’m defs not the one (yet!) to instruct you on the deeper work, like relearning limiting beliefs and setting boundaries, I do have a couple of tips for how to start to trust your own inner advice.


First up, read chapter three, the story about Vasalisa the Wise from "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D.. Hell - read the whole damn book. I’m doing it at my own pace, reading stories here and there as it feels right. I give them time to sink in, sometimes read the twice, and start trying to notice how it plays out in my own life. But when it comes to intuition, pay extra attention to this story. It lays out a path for slowly learning how to trust your own inner voice. This story so far has been my favourite. It is a beautiful narrative that’s easy to call to mind and see how it applies in everyday life. 


Second, find out how your intuition communicates with you. For me, if my intuition is saying no, I instantly get nauseas or literally hear the word "no". I’ll hear a “yes” or feel a tingle in my heart/throat when something is right for me. Now whenever I have to make a choice, whether it’s big or small, I look for those signs. I learned what these signs were by doing meditations (especially involving body scans), asking myself questions and seeing what physically came up, and just trial and error. I also work a lot with reading my tarot cards. It involves learning to tap into something deeper inside myself, "listening" for guidance, and watching for patterns in the cards, all of which has helped me notice these more in my day to day life. 

 Start Small

Third, start small. It’s overwhelming trying to hear and trust your intuition when it comes to big life choices, especially complex ones. I started out with something simple - food. For each meal I ask myself what I truly want. This was also how I learned how my intuition communicates with me. I started noticing repeating sensations. I would test out trying them by listening to what they said and then paying attention to how I felt or what happens afterwards. I started finding that I would feel lighter after eating what I intuitively wanted. The more I trusted myself, the more clearly I could hear myself.

The Difference Between Intuition and Ego

Finally the most important thing I've learned is that while intuition might make you feel nervous or afraid when it’s telling you to do something that might be unusual or brave, it will never make you feel small. Anxiety beats you down, pokes at your weaknesses, and operates out of fear. Intuition is what the universe (or goddess, god, or yourself - whatever you believe in) knows is best for you. It might scare you, but that fear comes from the unknown or going against what society has taught you. But it never makes you feel worse about yourself or who you are at your core. It’s a fear that’s mixed with excitement, never shame.

Please keep in mind - this is only what works for me from experience. I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned a lot over the years and I believe it can help others as well. Research, try things out, and find what works for you. We’re all different and what we need is as unique as we are.