How to Make Clothing Fit Perfectly


A wardrobe should only be made up of pieces that fit. Fit your body, lifestyle and other pieces. Having clothing that fits you perfectly simply makes life easier - getting dressed takes less time and causes less stress. You'll feel much more confident in your clothing, and your style will reflect who you truly are. My guide helps you figure out what clothing fits your lifestyle and look overall, but today we're looking a little more closely at making sure your clothing fits your body.

The easiest way to do this is at the start - only buy pieces that you can actually move in. Don't bring anything into your wardrobe doesn't doesn't feel good on your body or that you don't really, really love. Get rid of anything you have that doesn't fit your hips, waist, boobs or bum... don't hold onto it in hopes that it'll fit "one day". You are perfect exactly as you are TODAY, and are worthy of feeling like that. Only keep the things you feel beautiful in. The only exception is if you absolutely love something, but it just needs a minor tweak to be absolutely PERFECT.

Start paying attention to what lines you like best on your body. Slim fit? Oversized? V-neck, scoop neck or high neck? Now, look at the pieces you have that feel like they need a little something to take it from great to perfect. For me, that meant investing in turning my pieces with high or scoop necklines into deep v-necks, especially if they were black. With my black hair and super curvy chest, that much black around my face was a little overwhelming. I love showing off my breasts - it's my favourite part of my body - and I find the cut so much more flattering on me. I took a handful of the dresses I love to my favourite tailor. A few days later, these pieces all fit me perfectly and I couldn't be happier!

What Can You Change?

Here's a list of other adjustments that are a tailor can do that'll have a major impact on the fit of your clothing:

  • Shorten or lengthen (a tiny bit) pants or skirts

  • Taper pant legs at ankles

  • Crew or scoop neck to v-neck

  • Adjust straps

  • Thin straps

  • Take in bust

  • Take in waist

  • Add or remove shoulder pads

Quick note on finding a tailor you can trust... ask around. Take something low risk (like a pair of pants to hem)  before you trust them with making a major change on something you love. If you're in Calgary - I personally uses Wai's Alterations on 23rd & 4th ST SW. Linda does the best job and is super quick if you need something ASAP. It's also not too expensive there.