How To Transform Your Life By Simplifying Your Wardrobe


By cleaning out my wardrobe I began feeling lighter in my life. Letting go of pieces I no longer wore impacted me in ways I never expected. I felt lighter emotionally. I became clearer on who I was and felt more connected to myself. I made room for more good things to come into my life.

I had accumulated years and years of clothing, things, and beliefs that were no longer (or never truly were) authentically me. Things that fit versions of me that I was told I should be, whether that was from family, friends or society. By clearing them out, layer by layer, I could begin to see who I was, almost like wiping years of grime off a mirror. I began to understand who I am, what I want, and where I wanted my life to go. I was ready to let go of the past, move on, and grow deeper into the person I truly am.

It's So Much More Than "Just Clothes"

Letting go of clothing, I let go of much much more. Old memories. Values and ways of living that no longer fit. Old versions of myself. The versions of myself I had thought I needed to become. The clothing symbolized something much deeper. Those things I let go of I began to let go of them in bigger ways in my life. I released old beliefs, old thought patterns, old habits. My life began to reflect the fact that I was ready to grow and move on.

Making Space

Whenever we want something new, we need to make space for it. You can only shove so much into your closets, wardrobes and rooms. The same is true for our lives. And if we want to live a life that truly makes us happy, in clothing that makes us happy, we need to let go of the things that don’t. By releasing what no longer serves us, we begin to see what does. Oftentimes, we’ll release we need a lot less to be happy then we originally thought we did. Sometimes, we even realize we already have everything we need.