how well do you know your money beliefs?


Money is another area of life that you can dive into to help understand the world & your purpose here. Finances are something we all have deeply held beliefs around. It’s important to remember money’s an energetic tool as well as something we all need to live this human life. Money isn’t something to fear, grasp for, or resent. But it is an indicator of where you see your worth; it’s another piece of the puzzle that is you.


Money needs to be cultivated and nurtured. It needs to be accumulated and spent discerningly. Creating boundaries around money is as essential as creating them around time and emotions. Your intuition is the best tool for connecting with money and can be used to deepen your trust in surrendering. Money is a PHENOMENAL, often triggering, tool for testing your faith and belief in yourself.


Take a moment today to think about these questions.

  • What boundaries do you have around money?

  • Do you believe you deserve money?

  • How do you use money?

  • What emotional needs does money satisfy for you?

  • Can you trust what your intuition tells you about money, even when it doesn’t make sense?

  • What practices do you have to connect with your money?

  • What beliefs do you have around money?

  • Can you say no to accepting money when it doesn’t align with your values?

  • Can you say no to giving your money when it doesn’t align with your values?

  • What does your financial situation say about your worth?

Sit with these questions and come back to them if needed. Practice some serious self-love and forgiveness, because money can be a tricky one. If you want support working through the emotional and spiritual side of money, I’m here for you - book a free one-hour guidance session here.