How Your Wardrobe Can Help You Connect with Your Intuition


I believe everything in life has an energy to it - including our clothing. Our intuition connects us to the energies that are meant for us. Whether you think of it as a mystical energy or in more psychological terms like ethics and cognitive dissonance, this energy influences how we feel. This doesn't mean that the energy is universal or the same for everyone, or even the same throughout your entire life. What makes someone feel good may not be the right vibe for someone else, or what worked for you when you were younger might not work today. Working with your style is a great way to start playing with your intuition.

Time to Remove the Mask

Our intuition is there to help us find the energies that are right FOR US. It helps us remove the masks society has forced upon us, and connect with our true selves by differentiating what we truly need deep down from what we've just been told to fit ourselves into. Since most of us have been taught to ignore that inner voice and just fulfill certain roles or expectations it can be hard to learn how to trust it. The easiest way I found to reconnect with it at the start was with my clothing. Our wardrobes are a relatively low-risk, playful, beautiful space to start trusting our intuition again. 

Why You Have a Closet Full of Nothing to Wear

Clothing carries the energy of everything from who, where and how your clothing was made to the memories you've created in it. If you say you value women, human life, or the environment but are wearing clothing from companies with poor practices, there's a disconnect. If you were wearing something during a fight with your partner or friend, or you received bad news while wearing a certain outfit, your subconscious mind may then associates that piece of clothing with whatever you felt during that time. This is also true if you've been shopping or buying clothing to validate your worth, or to fit into boxes you've been put in that just aren't "you". You might not be fully aware of why, but you might feel a little off, not your best, or just not reaching for it.

Your Intuition is a Tool - Use It

If you dig deep, close your eyes, and focus on what comes up, you can start to pinpoint which pieces trigger which feelings. This is your intuition telling you which pieces are truly you, and which aren't. How we feel it is all different, and it can take some practice to find it. But generally, a heavy, weighed down, icky, sick feeling means your intuition is saying no. When something is meant for you, it feels good. There's a feeling of lightness about it, your body feels good in it, and you actually want to wear it.

For most of my clients, even the ones that this work is new for, a "hell yes" means their face softens, and they might break out in a smile. A "no" looks like a frown, or in-depth justification. A "yes" doesn't need to be justified, it simply feels right. The need to justify comes from our inner knowing that the answer is a "no" but our logical minds feel the need to say "yes" because of something we've learned. 

Next time you're getting dressed try to let your intuition pick out your outfit. If this is all new to you, start with something low key like running errands or brunch with your best friend. Work your way up to doing it with something you might need an extra boost with, like a big meeting or date. Here's an exercise you can try to help you...

Closing your eyes, take three big, deep breaths. Let all the air out with each exhale with a big "whoosh".

Imagine heavy weights on each foot pulling them down to the centre of the earth.

Ask yourself "What is it I need to know or feel today?"

Take another deep breath and open your eyes.

You can now either reach your hand in the closet and pick out something at random that feels good to you, or shuffle through piece by piece, noticing which ones bring up a feeling of lightness or trigger your inner voice to say "HELL YES!". Avoid anything that feels heavy, or makes you feel a little off or self conscious when you put it on.

Go about your day, noticing how you feel throughout it. At the end of the day, hang it back up or put it in the wash and just give a quick thanks that you made it through the day.