Have You Heard About Human Design?


Human Design something I've been fascinated with lately. Basically, it's a strategy for living your best life. As Jenna Zoe puts it, "Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around." For me, it's one piece of a bigger puzzle to help figure out my purpose in life and why I am the way that I am. Finding out my human design profile and strategies has helped me figure out ways to preserve my energy, run my business in a way that isn't depleting, and learn to trust my intuition

What I Am & What It Means

According to my chart, I'm a 5/1 Projector with splenic authority. Basically, it means I'm here in this life to help other humans. I'm supposed to do this by honing in on my gifts and the ways I think differently about the world and use that to help guide others. It boggles my mind that I completely, unintentionally fell right into doing just that as I was building Flopsy Life AND signed up for life coaching courses. For all of the decisions regarding both those things I have leaned heavily on my intuition, which is my strongest and most beautiful tool... and not by accident.

Having a splenic authority means that all of my decisions need to be made based on my first intuition reaction, even when it isn't logical. In fact, since my purpose is to think about things differently, it means that my decisions will rarely seem logical to the outside world. This forces me to develop a deep, deep trust in myself. Trust is something I believe I've come here in this life to focus on, so that in no ways surprises me.

How Human Design Influences My Life

Being a projector also means that I naturally can only work for a few hours a day, but that I get more done in those 3-4 hours than some people do in a week. It also means I'm supposed to wait for invitations to do something rather than solicit, whether that's in regards to business or relationships. I am meant to spend a lot of time being still and just BEING. Finding these two things out was both a relief and a moment of "oh fuck".

This brings relief because it made so many things make sense. Working regular jobs I would finish my work quickly, and then be bored and uninspired (at desk jobs), or burnt out at the end of the day (retail). Cold calling for collabs or trying to force my business onto the path I thought it should be on has always lead to dead ends and frustration. Yet when I trust my intuition, things tend to fall into place and grow beautifully. 

The "oh fuck" feeling comes because again, this means I need to trust deeply. It means I do my work, be still, and TRUST. I have to trust that I've done enough, that I am enough, and that even though how I do things is so different it will work out. Trust is something I seriously, deeply struggle with - it's the most challenging thing in the world for me, and the core cause of all of my issues. It's especially hard when my decision are seriously illogical yet it's what my gut instinct is telling me to do.

That said, it's helped immensely with my anxiety. When I'm having serious doubts about whether I'm doing the "right" thing or making the "right" choice, I can remind myself that I'm NOT supposed to be doing what everyone else is doing. That my purpose is to whole-heartedly trust that inner voice, wherever it leads me. 

Want to Find Out More?

You can totally take what you want from this. Like I said, to me Human Design is a small piece of the bigger puzzle to unraveling who you are and what you are here on this Earth to do. But it's a piece that has held things fall into place, and helped me start to see the bigger picture come together. And for that I am grateful.

If you want to find out more about Human Design, you can pull your own chart here (it's the site I used and I just signed up for the free version). I highly recommend checking out Jenna Zoe - she has general info on both her site and instagram, resources for finding your chart, and a new program out to help you deep dive into your type called The Rabbit Hole (it's on my list of things to do!). I also suggest listening to her talk with Free + Native. You'll have to sign up for Supported, but it's like $5 CAD/month & totally worth it. I've also got more posts about learning to trust your intuition here.