Interested In Booking a Styling Session? Read This.


A few months ago I worked with Aditi to help her find her personal style, edit her wardrobe, and reconnect with her sense of beauty and worthiness. You can read all about her experience below. 

I called Britt one afternoon after I had a breakdown looking at myself in the mirror. The reflection that was looking back at me was unrecognizable. After 6 years of pregnancy loss, pregnancy and birth, and chronic illness, it was no surprise that my body had changed. Yet, my wardrobe had not. All of the clothes I had were from my past and didn’t fit my new body. Each time I went into my closet, I left uninspired and feeling bad about myself. This cycle had to end and so I reached out for help.

Prior to coming over Britt sent me a questionnaire that had me reflect on how I defined my style. This really got me thinking more deeply about my style, or lack thereof, and what I needed to feel confident in my new body.

When Britt arrived at my house the energy she carried was so powerful. I knew that this journey we were about to embark on was going to be soul shifting; and I was right.

Britt asked that I take all my clothes and put them in the middle of my bedroom. Wow was I ever surprised by how many clothes I had! Especially considering I had been wearing the same two outfits on rotate for the last few months.

Once all my clothes were out, we sat facing each other and Britt led us in a guided meditation. This was really unexpected as I thought we were just going to clear out my closet. Boy was I wrong! The meditation was a fantastic way to help center me and ritualize the process. It became very evident that this “clearing out” was going to be about a lot more than just clothes.

After the meditation we began going through my wardrobe. I never felt rushed or pressured to get rid or keep anything. Britt was super supportive and really made the process about self-love. The questions she asked were not around how I looked in my clothes but how I FELT in them. It’s funny because up until this time, I had never really thought about how my clothes made me FEEL. I always like certain pieces because of how I LOOKED. This was a huge shift in my thinking.

As the session progressed it became clear that I had been holding on to clothes of the past because I hadn’t made friends with my present body yet. But who I am today is fantastic. I am an entrepreneur, a fantastic mother, caring friend and compassionate woman. My time with Britt made me realize that isn’t the woman I am TODAY worthy of my own love? With Britt’s guidance I have realized that I need to dress my present self in LOVE.

By the time we were done, I was left with only a handful of items but each item brought immense joy to my heart. I felt good putting these items on and I felt HAPPY. Britt also helped organize my closet so that instead of walking in and feeling overwhelmed, I actually feel excited and inspired picking out my outfits.

After our session, Britt invited me to her shop to try on some pieces that she thought my wardrobe could benefit from. I showed up and she had all these items that were totally ME laid out. I was really blown away by her ability to read me and what I needed so well. I left with a handful of pieces that really made me feel beautiful and helped me further connect to my current self.

Now every morning when I wake up, I go into my closet and only see and feel the beauty; in my clothes, yes, but more importantly I see and feel the beauty in ME.

Thanks Britt!

Skirt: notPERFECTLINEN // Shirt: Thrifted