Struggling with money? You're not alone.


Transitioning my business has put me in the most terrifying financial low I’ve ever been in. Finances to me used to always be how I determined worth - it’s what I was taught growing up. So being in this position, with the work I’m doing, has been interesting. I have Isaac’s support which of course means I’m in a different position than many others, but my personal values around worthiness depend on me not being financially dependent on my partner... which I have been. To my mind, that means I’m a failure. To my soul, I know that’s complete bullshit.


I’m not worth less because I have no money. I’m not incompetent or useless. I still have worth. I’m still a beautiful human with a magical soul. I still do great things in the world. My partner doesn’t hate or resent me. And I know this is impermanent. It’s part of the path of the entrepreneur; the archetype of the gambler. It’s part of being a projector, & part of my Virgo need to be of service.


But I’m done with this shit. I’ve learned my lesson. I know I can get through anything, and my worth is not dependant in my bank statement. I also now know that it’s okay to want extravagant luxuries. I show up, I serve, I work, I pour my heart and soul into everything I do, and not just for the money. Now, my Leo self is ready to step forward. To live in a way where all my needs & wants are met. So that I can be of bigger service, to more humans. I could give back in ways that aren’t possible for me to right now while I’m trying to figure out my own rent & bills. When I’m financially thriving, I am better able to show up for others. I don’t need it, but I sure as hell want it. And I know that as long as I continue to be guided, to trust, to surrender, it will come.


And so it is.

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