Do You Know What the True Power of Clothing Is?


Have you ever held on to clothing that no longer fits? Telling yourself it’s “inspirational” or that “one day it’ll fit”, or just to remember what it was like before? Have you ever stuffed your body (or feet!) into something that was too small, too tight, or even slightly uncomfortable? Worn shape wear to fit into something smaller? It’s something I think most of us have done at some point in our lives. I’m also willing to bet it’s something that started young.

But what the hell are we doing it for? To be “cool”, to fit in, because it’s what everyone else is wearing? Because society tells us beauty and worthiness only look one way? To shame ourselves into getting a smaller body? To hide who we truly are so that we can present a version of ourselves that will be better liked? What about our liking - or even loving - ourselves? What about self confidence and authenticity? What about recognizing our bodies for the beautiful, unique, inherently worthy miracles they are?

Because here’s the thing - how we choose to dress ourselves sends a powerful message. It shows the world whether we love and respect ourselves. That we accept ourselves. It shows that we are powerful enough to own our stories, our identities, our feelings. That we own, love and respect our bodies. The minute you start adorning yourself in something that you can move in, breathe in, and feel confident in is the minute you take your power back. You start proving to yourself that you trust yourself enough to make your own decisions and go your own way. That you believe you are worthy of feeling good. Of feeling beautiful. Of taking up space in this world.

That, my dear friends, is the true power of clothing.