This is Why You Need to Invest in Your Wardrobe


I strongly believe that clothing can be a tool to help you evaluate your life. It can help you determine your values, connect with your intuition, and find your authentic self. Clothing is also magnificent at raising your sense of your worth. We are all inherently worthy, but as we grow up that sense of worthiness gets stomped on and replaced with fears, insecurities and doubts. Investing in your wardrobe can help you remember just how truly worthy you are.

What it Means to Invest

When I say "invest" I do not just mean money. I mean time, effort and love as well as (if not more than) actually buying things. Our time is a non-renewable resource. There can always be ways to make more money, but we can never get back our time. Therefore, how we choose to spend our time should be considered just as thoroughly as our budget. 

A lot of us have been taught to put others needs before our own - it's the kind, polite thing to do. Especially as women we've been taught to invest in ourselves last. Essentially, we're taught that our needs are not as important as others'. That we're not worthy of prioritizing ourselves. That we don't deserve to take up space in this world. That absolutely needs to stop.

How it Helps

Investing in your wardrobe is one small way to start on the path to realizing you ARE worthy of having your needs met. Whether it's dedicating a whole day to taking the time to edit and reorganize your wardrobe, or spending money on beautiful pieces that fit you and your values, you're investing in yourself. You are telling yourself that you deserve to feel good. That you are entitled to showing up in the world in a way that feels best to you. That you are worthy of putting your own needs first. 

When you start taking these small steps on your journey back to finding yourself, it helps to have a wardrobe that actually feels like you. Every time you go to your beautifully organized closet to pick out something to wear, you'll be reminded that you are worth investing your time in. Whenever you wear something that actually fits you, you'll remember your worth as you show up in the world. And when you've invested your money in something that aligns with your values, you'll have that reminder of what your values actually are and what your path really is every single time you wear it.

That's magic, folks. And it will change your life. 

Shirt: Thrifted // Hat: Black Tulip Hats