What Can You Learn From Your Relationships?


We are all whole humans ourselves who do not need someone to complete us. But one of the things I love about being in a partnership is the space I have to lean into my strengths. Isaac & I balance each other out so beautifully - his strengths are the things I can do but don’t like.

Isaac thinks and plans practically, logically and realistically. He’s also super patient, calm and responsive rather than reactive. I, on the other hand, live with my mind in other worlds most of the time. I’m creative, strategic, dream big, and go where my intuition leads regardless of how unpractical it seems. I’m also super sensitive, empathic, emotional and tend to react more than respond. He’s all “show me the evidence” and I’m like “hehe I see fairies” and doing a happy dance because my magical potion is bubbling.


My partner and I are fully separate humans - we have our own interests, passions & ways of being in the world. But we want to know about each other. To learn the language of each other’s hobbies & passions. I want to hear how his day was, what lit him up or brought him down, & vice versa. We sincerely, deeply love each other BECAUSE of our differences.  We learn and grow in ways we’d never be able to without our relationship.


On paper, it sounds like we don’t fit because we’re so very different. And, of course, there are moments where we (mostly I) struggle to wrap my head around the differences. But that’s only when I lose sight of how beautiful those differences are. They give us the space to lean into the things we actually are good at and enjoy doing. We teach each other and learn lessons that would take years on our own to integrate. We push the other to be more balanced within ourselves, while still allowing space to simply be who we are. The key is we love and accept each other unconditionally.


You don’t have to be in an intimate relationship to reap these benefits. All relationships, whether its friends, family or lovers, are spaces for growth. Other humans mirror back to us what it is we need to see about ourselves. Relationships help us be stronger, more balanced, well-rounded humans.


Take a moment today to think about the relationships in your life and answer these questions…

  • What are they teaching you?

  • What are you grateful for?

  • Where can you be more gentle, more accepting, more forgiving?

  • What do you bring to these relationships?

  • How do you want people to feel after being around you?

  • Who do you feel safe enough with to show up wholeheartedly, authentically, just as you are?

  • Where do you need stronger boundaries?

  • Where do you need to break down walls and let someone in?


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