What Does Money Mean to You?


Money is a subject I think I need to talk more about. These little squares can make it look like I totally have my shit together, but the truth is when it comes to money I really, really don’t (yet). 

I’ve got SO MANY fucked up ingrained beliefs around money. Here’s a little list to give you an idea:

  • Women have to marry rich

  • Men earn and provide the money; women basically earn pocket money or help out with a little extra when needed. 

  • I can’t make money doing what I love. 

  • I have to choose between either having a fulfilling life aligned with my purpose, or being rich. 

  • Being rich is greedy and healers shouldn’t want to be. 

  • Being rich is for other people, and they’re better than me. 

  • I’m not unique or special enough to be chosen by others for them to spend money on my services. 

  • If I have money, it’ll be someday way down the road, and I’ll be flat broke until then. 

  • Lots of money = success

All of these boil down to: I’m not good enough, and I’m not worthy. What it’s resulted in is a fuck tonne of stress, debt, and disconnection. When I think about money, I check out of my body. Money is a human construct, so my soulful feminine side doesn’t understand it. My masculine side is super underdeveloped, so it doesn’t have the chance to kick in and earn or stand up for my inherent worthiness. 

For me, money equals freedom and creativity. Freedom to focus on creating and helping more people. It allows me to curate beautiful things, which is an outward expression of my soul in this human form. While it used to be a thing I used for external validation, all the spiritual work I’ve been doing made me realize it’s not everything.

Money won’t buy me happiness, a new dress won’t make me more worthy, buying things won’t heal my deep wounds. But, not always being in survival mode is necessary for me. It frees up space in my brain and energy to devote to fulfilling my mission in this life. Not having to worry about how I’m going to make rent or pay off my credit card means I could focus on the things that actually matter to me. 

So, I’m devoting this year to beautiful, extravagant abundance. I want to be able to afford whatever I want, when I want it. I want to be able to take trips to new places to gather inspiration and soak up different cultures. I want beautiful clothing from companies that align with my values so my outward appearance communicates who I am and what I stand for internally. I want to be able to hire a team for Flopsy Life so that I can give others the chance to create a living doing something they love and sharing their unique gifts with the world. 

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