What You Need to Know About Relationships


I sincerely believe that we attract the people we need to learn from. Our relationships, whether personal or professional, are our biggest opportunities for growth. They are not “good” or “bad”. They are mirrors that reflect what we need to learn. Relationships are the easiest, and hardest, ways to connect back with your soul and your life’s purpose here on this Earth.

Some of these relationships will challenge you. They will bring situations or characteristics that trigger you, upset you or cross your boundaries. They are the most beautiful opportunity to practice saying no. To start recognizing what your boundaries are. It’s a chance to use your voice and to learn to stand up for yourself.

Other relationships are there to remind you of the beauty, love and support we can experience in this life. These humans will love you unconditionally, will hold space for your to grow, and will life you up when you are struggling. This does not mean they are easy or painless - nothing in life is. But these are the safe spaces to begin to trust. Trust in both yourself and others. To find the joy, the light, and the love. Because our capacity for these things is only as deep as our ability to feel the hard things.

My favourite relationships are the ones that call on your to step into your own power in service of others. The ones that require you to practice what you preach. That make you wake up to the ways you are playing small. These are the relationships you get to practice everything you’ve learned in your life. They’re what make all the things you’ve been through, good or bad, joyful or sad, make sense. In this space with another human, you begin to understand what it is all for.

GuidanceBritt TatarynComment