What You Need to Know About Trust


Trust is not about always believing things will work out. It’s knowing you’ll be okay no matter what. Trust is not external or dependant on something outside; it’s an inside job. A belief in yourself, your strength, and your capability. It’s also about truly believing that everything happens for a reason. Trust is knowing that happens is in your best interest, even if it’s not the easy, peaceful or pretty. Embracing the light and the dark. Finding the beauty in the shadow, because that’s often where the deepest learning, biggest potential for change, and most beautiful medicine is. And trusting in yourself - you’ve got this. 


In coaching, one of the cornerstones of the model I’m studying is that “humans are naturally capable, resourceful and whole”. As a coach, this means you trust that people are capable of making the best choice for themselves, that they have the resources and answers to deal with their choices, and that they are inherently whole and worthy. While I already believed these things, the key area that shifted not only my coaching, but my personal relationships, was the part about trust. 


Trust does not mean believing that “the best choice” is always the one that looks the prettiest or is easiest. It means the opportunity for growth and connecting deeper to self. In my relationships I struggle with trust - I’ve been hurt by a lot of people. What I was never able to see until now though is those hurts made me who I am today. They made me stronger, more capable, more graceful, and more empathetic. They knocked things out of my way that I thought were meant for me, but that the universe magically knew was not in my best interest. The plan I had for my life, the people I wanted in it, was smaller and less magical than I deserved.


What I’ve learned to trust is that everything happens for a reason, and that there is a bigger, brighter, sparklier plan than my human mind can possibly comprehend. Now, instead of trusting someone won’t hurt me, I trust that they have the ability to make the best decision possible. And that whatever decision they make will be in service of living my best life, even if it isn’t what I’ve pictured.