Why You Need to Go Deeper Than "Sparking Joy"


Tidying up is glorious. I am all for a great purge, organizing your space and filling it with joy. I think the KonMari method of the “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a great first step if you’ve never done this kind of inner/outer work before. But that’s all it is - a first step.

What concerns me is that while everyone is now focusing on the joy, they’re not acknowledging the shadow. It’s all light and love. It doesn’t address the why. Why do you have so. much. stuff?! What hole were you trying to fill when you bought new shoes? What insecurities were you trying to cover up with new clothes? Why did you feel the need to prove your worth with things? 

And what’s going to stop you from doing it again?

Cleaning out the surface is a great start. But the work doesn’t end there. To truly change your life, there must be gratitude not just for joy, but for sadness and pain as well. There must be as much appreciation for the dark as there is for the light. Because they are truly one in the same; all things are just lessons and moments to experience and learn from.

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