This is Why You Need to Unfollow People on Instagram


I don’t believe in just clearing out the physical, material things in life. I defs recommend starting there since it’s relatively easy. But eventually, I think we also need to release the more intangible things that no longer serve us. Things like identities, beliefs, jobs and relationships. Starting with my closet helped me get comfortable listening to my intuition and letting go of what I no longer needed. But it ended up being a stepping stone to the bigger things in life.

How I Let Go of My IG Feed

One way I implemented this was with social media. I recently went through my feed & deleted over half of the accounts I was following. A huge portion of this was things that made me feel bad. Companies whose values I didn’t agree with. Influencers whose messages are damaging. People who were giving advice that was harmful or aggressive.

But some of these accounts were also people or companies I admired. I was beginning to find myself comparing my messages or progress to theirs. Feeling inadequate comparing the likes or followers. Worrying that I wasn’t enough or wasn’t doing good enough work because my posts were so different. Also worrying that things would get to be too similar, or that I wouldn’t be able to hear my own messages I wanted to share because I was so caught up in what I “should” be doing.

Honestly, I felt some anxiety around all of this. What if I upset someone? What if they noticed and got mad at me? What if it fucks up the all-concerning algorithm? You know what... I did it anyways.

How It's Changed My Life

All I’ve felt since is relief. I don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. I focus more deeply on helping people instead of keeping up. I again began to find my own way, share what I truly wanted, and starting making something that comes from the heart instead of what I believed was expected from me. I stopped feeling unworthy, and can feel myself stepping into my own power and back onto my own path - with confidence this time.

Why This Applies to You

Do you ever get sucked into that endless scroll? Do you find the deeper you go, the deeper into those feelings of unworthiness, "not enoughness", or simply ickiness you sink? Ever wished you could delete the whole damn thing and be done with it?

Instagram CAN be a beautiful source of inspiration. But it's also more mental and emotional stimulus. It invites comparison in a way magazines, tv and movies don't - these are "regular" people after all. So if they have "it", whatever "it" is, why don't you? You're also receiving copious amounts of advice that is not fact checked, accurate, or vouched for - most of it is opinions. Honestly, even this article is an opinion. IG is also another source of those overpowering shoulds, especially when you're following peers or colleagues. 

When you cut those people out of your daily scroll, you cut them out of valuable real estate in your mind. You open up space to start hearing your own inner voice. You can begin to find your own creativity, your own intuition, and your own path. You can begin to use IG as a source of inspiration and connection, not another to-do list. Doing this frees up time and space to allow you to be more YOU.

Also, if someone notices and gets mad/offended/rude? Be honest. Say it's not about them. It's about you wanting to do you. You're going through this process to be more authentic, so be authentic in this conversation. If it's someone you're close to, you can also say you'd rather connect with them and hear about their life IN REAL LIFE, not from an impersonal square in passing.