What is Intuitive Lifestyle Guidance?

I provide guidance on using intuition as a tool to help you achieve your goals - spiritual, personal or material - and rediscover your purpose in life.


You’ll come away with…

  • A deep, lasting connection with your intuition so that you may use it as a guidance system in all other facets of life.

  • A clear understanding of what your values truly are and how to design your life so you live in accordance with them.

  • Knowledge around what your boundaries are and how to gracefully enforce them so you can live a guided by your deeper knowing and authentic values.

  • A sense of balance both internally and externally. 

  • Simple practices to add ritual and magic into everyday life that nurture your soul and support your growth.

What we can talk about

  • Your relationships - with yourself, partners, family, friends, or coworkers

  • Where you feel stuck and how to find flow again

  • How to start the business of your dreams (as well as the technical side of setting it up)

  • How to live with chronic illness and still find joy, pleasure and happiness

  • Ways to manage anxiety and depression

  • Body image and personal style

  • Your purpose in life

  • Exploring and discovering spirituality

  • Releasing self doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Anything really - this space is for you and whatever you need




Have a read through the FAQs (coming soon) or send me an email at hello@flopsylife.com. Be sure to also sign up for our newsletter - each week I send out practices and guidance to help you feel more confident moving through this journey through life.