Intuitive Life Coaching

one-on-one guidance for women who feel lost or like they don't quite fit in on how to find themselves, their inner voice, and meaning in life.


It's Time to find your inner voice so you can start truly living out your purpose in this life.


You know there must be more to life, but you feel like you're drifting and lost.


You wish you felt more comfortable and confident, but struggle with shame and anxiety.


You want to know what your purpose in this life is, but don't even know who you really are.


You wish you had the answers to all your questions and always knew the right thing to do.


You want to live life by your own rules but are afraid.


You want deep, meaningful relationships, but struggle with trusting and feeling worthy.


I've been there.


I've felt lost, hopeless, and purposeless. I didn't know who I was, what I wanted, or where I was going. I couldn't see my purpose in this world, but I knew there had to be more.


Then, everything changed.


I learned how to connect with my intuition and use my inner voice to find myself and my purpose.


I sincerely believe we all know the answers to our questions. Sometimes we just need some support and guidance to find them. I'll help you get quiet, shut out the "shoulds" and learn to trust your own intuition. 



I will not tell you what to do.


Instead, I will hold space for you. I will help you connect with your inner voice and see your inherent worthiness. I will guide you back to yourself. I will support you while you work through your wounds, find your joy, and achieve your fullest potential.


Whether it’s finding your life’s purpose, uncovering and reaching your goals, or just living a happier, more fulfilling life, I am here for you.


We will work TOGETHER to tap into your inner knowing. Together, we will figure out the “how” and the “why” behind the what. You will come out of this more awareness, direction, and belief in your inherent worthiness and right to live a beautiful, fulfilling life.


Nothing about this work is easy. It is painful, uncomfortable, and scary. It takes a lot of effort, and a lot of strength, to find your way back to yourself.


But it is so fucking worth it.


Our world needs humans who are unafraid. Who are strong enough to sit with their emotions. Who trust themselves so that they can trust others. We need people who believe in themselves and live wholeheartedly. Who share their unique magic and gifts with the world. Who take care of themselves, knowing that it’s what allows them to act in service of others and a greater good.


Are you ready to be that person?


Imagine if...


You woke up every morning actually excited to be alive and do the things.


You knew what you were meant to do with this life, and how to do it.


You knew you could trust yourself, your strength, and that you have all the answers you'll ever need.


You knew deep down that you are worthy of all the love, beauty, and abundance your heart craves.



What we can talk about


You are always the one who decides what we talk about; this space is for you to connect with yourself.


My specialty is focusing on living a life guided by your intuition by letting go of the “should” and trusting what your unique spirit needs. That’s the root of all the other things we can talk about.


This list is an example, but there is so much more…


Finding your life purpose

Discovering your values

Connecting with and trusting your intuition

Dealing with anxiety, depression or chronic pain

Building deep, meaningful relationships

Setting boundaries & saying no

Figuring out what self-care looks like for you

Creating your personal style

Loving your body

Having confidence

Trusting yourself and others

Loving yourself – all the parts of you

Finding balance in your life

Living a life that is fulfilling

Building a creative business & becoming an entrepreneur

Figuring out what your spiritual beliefs and practices are

Living with mindfulness and intention

Increasing your self-awareness

Letting go of the past and move forward

Manifesting your goals, dreams and desires





Ready to change your life?


Let's start out with a free 30-minute sample session to make sure we're a good fit and that working together is a good idea.

Already had a sample session, or worked with me before?




 “These last couple months with Britt have been so expansive & formative. Her gentle but firm nature creates a safe space that facilitates vulnerably & personal growth. Britt is an absolute natural, is highly intuitive & has an intrinsic ancient wisdom that feels as though she has been practicing for years.” - MS




A bit about me...

Hey there, I'm Britt. I've been through the darkest, scariest, most hopeless I could ever be, and survived. By living with intention and in alignment with my values of intuition, purpose, and vulnerability, I am now thriving instead of just surviving. I channeled all of that hardship, my lessons and growth, into helping others live their best lives. I've spent the last few years helping guide humans to living better lives through my writing on Flopsy Life. I also help women connect with their intuition through their finding their authentic personal style. I believe how we do one thing is how we do all, and that as we know better, we do better. I have found my purpose in life, and want to do everything I can to help you find yours too.



How it Works

We work together for a minimum of three months, with two one-hour calls per month. You can find more details here.


All calls take place on the phone or via skype.


There will be things for you to do between calls, as this is when you integrate and practice what we talk about. The time between calls is when the real work happens, so you must show up for yourself and be willing to put in the effort.


You will get out of this what you put into it. I’m here to support you and guide you, but you are the one who decides how much of a transformation you want. Because trust me, this process can and will change your life if you want it to. But you have to truly want it.


Ready to change your life?


Let's start out with a free 30-minute sample session to make sure we're a good fit and that working together is a good idea.


Already had a sample session, or worked with me before?


I sincerely look forward to working with you. I am grateful for your trust and honoured to be a part of your journey. 



Questions or concerns? Email me at