Intuitive Personal Styling

One-on-one guidance to creating a wardrobe so authentically you you no longer have to struggle with (or even think about) deciding what to wear.

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Want to spend less time, money and energy getting dressed, and always walk out the door feeling confident, comfortable and like yourself?

You're in the right place.

You want to clean out your closet but there's just so much you don't know where to start.


You wish you could have a wardrobe full of pieces that go together, but you aren't sure what that actually looks like or how to put outfits together.


You want to start buying ethical, well-made pieces, but hate shopping, are afraid of buying things online, or don't know what to look for.


Or maybe you've just gone through a huge life change, don't quite know who you are anymore, and defintitely aren't sure how to dress for this new stage of life.


I absolutely get it.


I struggled with all those things (all at once actually) and felt stressed out every time I had to get dressed. It felt like nothing fit me - my body or my personality. I wanted to feel like "me" again, but I didn't quite know who "me was. So, I started tapping into my intuition and learning to trust myself so that I could use my wardrobe to feel comfortable and confident in the world again.


I used my closet to find myself and came up with a process to help others do the same.

My process helps you connect deeply with your intuition so that you learn to trust your own unique inner voice to make decisions rather than listening to all the loud "shoulds" of the world. You'll find after our time together that you can apply my process to all the areas of your life. It's not just about clothing, and it's seriously life changing.


I will personally guide you through this process, step by step, teaching you not just how to find your style, dress yourself, and build your wardrobe, but how to learn to trust your intuition (and yourself!).


At the end of our time together you'll have only pieces you truly love, everything will go perfectly together, and you will feel comfortable and confident every time you get dressed.


Imagine If...

You could grab anything from your closet, throw it on without thinking, and head out the door knowing you look like your best self.


All the time you spent thinking about what to wear every damn day could be spent on things you actually love doing.


You stopped wasting money on things you never wear.


You could begin to know what your actual style is, and what makes your heart light up, instead of always following what you "should" be doing.


How would your life be better?



What's Included

~ I will spend one entire day with you, in person, going through your current closet piece by piece, teaching you my process for deciding what to keep, consign, or donate ~

~ I will organize your closet for you so that it is easy to see what pieces will go together ~

~ We will go through your organized closet together, piece by piece creating outfits (& I can make a list of the outfits to send to you if needed) ~

~ I will create a list of what pieces you need to complete your wardrobe, along with links to find the exact piece online ~

~ An in-person shopping appointment with my own shop, Shop Flopsy Life, with pieces pulled specifically for you ~

~ One follow-up call or email if needed for questions after this package is complete ~

~ a copy of my e-book “The Simple Guide to Creating an Intuitive Wardrobe” ($19.99 value) so you can refer to it whenever you need ~



Book your one-on-one session now to start changing your wardrobe... and your life!




It's just clothes you may think. But, it's not. My closet is an extension of my belief system, an outreach of my values and a source of either chaos or peace. I can not attain inner piece with a chaotic world -- no one can. This experience has been humbling for me and a great lesson in simplicity and how I am showing up in my own life. If we want to add the beauty into our lives including our goals and intentions and spiritual practices we simply must detox the energy leaks that do not serve us; we must let go in order to add in.

Brittney... inspires people who do not feel as though the 'fit into this world' to cultivate intentional living -- she's fucking good at what she does.

- Kori Leigh (for the full testimonial, click here)

"By the time we were done, I was left with only a handful of items but each item brought immense joy to my heart. I felt good putting these items on and I felt HAPPY. Britt also helped organize my closet so that instead of walking in and feeling overwhelmed, I actually feel excited and inspired picking out my outfits.

After our session, Britt invited to try on some pieces that she thought my wardrobe could benefit from. I showed up and she had all these items that were totally ME laid out. I was really blown away by her ability to read me and what I needed so well. I left with a handful of pieces that really made me feel beautiful and helped me further connect to my current self.

Now every morning when I wake up, I go into my closet and only see and feel the beauty; in my clothes, yes, but more importantly I see and feel the beauty in ME."

- Aditi (for the full testimonial, click here)


now, a bit about me...

Hey there, I'm Britt. I've spent years helping people find their personal style, select clothing that fits them, and learn how to wear pieces in a way they feel comfortable and confident about. I am deeply passionate about helping people feel good about themselves, especially when it comes to their wardrobe. I also find that working through your closet ends up being a stepping stone for living your entire life more mindfully, so I believe strongly in the power of this process. 




To start, we'll talk about what your goals are and why you want to do this. I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire, which you answer  and send back before your appointment. When I arrive for the appointment we'll run through the questionnaire together, as well as talk a little more in depth about what your goals are.


To prep for the appointment you'll start by emptying your closet (and clothing from other rooms) into one big pile. Then, I'll come to your home and help you edit your choices. We'll work through the pile together, editing it down to only the things you truly love and need. You get final say on what stays or goes, but it is super helpful to have someone objective as a sounding board, who firmly reminds you what your goals and needs are.


Then, I'll organize the space beautifully for you, setting you up so that getting dressed everyday is easy. We'll run through a outfit options, put together a list of what goes together and how to style your pieces, and make some quick notes on things you feel are missing. I’ll help you figure out where to consign your clothing. Then, you are on a buying pause for a two weeks to a month - no shopping at all.


At the end of that time we'll have a call about how the month went and what you felt was missing. I'll put together a personalized list of what you need and exactly where to find it. 


You'll come away at the end of the month with a wardrobe that fits you and less anxiety everyday. This package will set you up with peace of mind, ease and simplicity when it comes to getting dressed, which will carry over into all other aspects of life. You can find out more about the benefits of organizing your wardrobe here.



This package is only currently available for humans in Calgary, but I do have a package if you're located anywhere else in the world. Click here to access the long-distance package.


Book your one-on-one session now to start changing your wardrobe... and your life!


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PS: This guide walks you through the process I do with clients, so is a great budget friendly option if you want to test the waters first.

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