Personal Styling & Wardrobe Editing

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If the idea of detoxing and organizing your closet to make a beautiful, cohesive wardrobe is so overwhelming you want someone to do it for you, we can talk!

I love working with people one on one to come into their homes and help them work through this process. As I'm sure you can imagine, it is a tonne of work, so I'm accepting clients on an very limited basis. This package is only if you are available in Calgary or the surrounding area (unless you want to pay travel fees for me to come out, or if we're doing a market in your city). We go pretty in depth together - not only do we work through your years of accumulated clothing, we also work through some of the memories and emotions they bring up. I'm there to help support you through that process, and make this journey much easier for you.



To start, we'll talk about what your goals are and why you want to do this. I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire, which you answer  and send back before your appointment. We'll run through the questionnaire together, as well as talk a little more in depth about what your goals are.


To prep for the appointment you'll start by emptying your closet (and clothing from other rooms) into one big pile. Then, I'll come to your home and help you edit your choices. We'll work through the pile together, editing it down to only the things you truly love and need. You get final say on what stays or goes, but it is super helpful to have someone objective as a sounding board, who firmly reminds you what your goals and needs are.


Then, I'll organize the space beautifully for you, setting you up so that getting dressed everyday is easy. We'll run through a couple outfit options and make some quick notes on things you feel are missing. I’ll take the clothing you want to donate and drop it off, and help you figure out where to consign your clothing. Then, you are on a buying pause for a two weeks to a month - no shopping at all.


At the end of that time we'll have a call about how the month went and what you felt was missing. I'll put together a personalized list of what you need and exactly where to find it. You'll also get 10% off in our online shop!


You'll come away at the end of the month with a wardrobe that fits you and less anxiety everyday. This package will set you up with peace of mind, ease and simplicity when it comes to getting dressed, which will carry over into all other aspects of life. You can find out more about the benefits of organizing your wardrobe here.




The investment for this package is $100/hour, or you can prebook 5 hours for $450. That includes:

  • counselling through deciding what pieces to keep, donate or toss
  • a personalized list of what pieces you need to complete your wardrobe
  • a completely organized closet
  • a handful of outfits to create with the clothing you have
  • personal shopping and a 10% discount for Shop Flopsy Life
  • a list of where to find any other pieces you need 
  • support for any questions, ideas for outfits, and any other clothing help you need

If this sounds like something you're interested in, send me an email at! Be as in depth and honest as you can, and I'll be in touch! You can also pick and choose what part of the package you would like if you don't want the whole thing - if you just want personal shopping, or only need help deciding what to keep, let me know.


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