I’m not sure exactly where to start, but Britt is a lifesaver. I went into this course totally open minded and in full trust of Britt. She has this sense of calm excitement when it comes to clothes. Throughout this course she has allowed me to realize the impact clothes have on your mental health.

Letting go of what does not serve you is hard, but it also feels so friggen good. This course is far from being just about cleaning out your closet, but the start of cleaning out your entire life. I feel a thousand times lighter and I can not thank Britt enough.

Tegan // The Art of Personal Style

I always struggled to find my own outward identity, my own style. I would see outfits I liked, try to emulate them, usually miss the mark not feel good in it anyway and donate it barely worn; over and over again. I couldn't get rid of enough clothes to ease the sense of overwhelm I felt when getting dressed most days.


Britt's process helps to cut a clear and direct path to the heart’s deeper desires for outer expression. Her overall demeanor creates a safe space when you're in the vulnerable place of letting go, albeit in material form. Britt spends hours with you in the comfort of your own home sorting through with decisiveness and openness. She also shows you how to pair the favourites you end up keeping and giving suggestions for simple items that may pull more outfits together.


I donated 5 bags of clothes and had 2 bags for consignment.


We went thrift shopping together which, for me was the coolest part. It was like shopping with a friend who knew exactly what to look for and gave a blatant yes or no based on the style you're trying to achieve. At first I didn't feel confident I could pick the right clothes. Britt encouraged and supported me until I was finding all kinds of things on my own! Again, she patiently and enthusiastically spent hours with me that day. Now when I get dressed I don't feel like I am trying to be anyone else. I feel like a cooler, more badass version of “Me”.

Bryna // Style Guidance

I discovered Britt through To Be Magnetic's curer series and was instantly drawn to her authenticity and crystal clear passion for helping others. I knew I had to reach out to her from there and I'm so happy I did! Our first session felt so right and the connection was so natural, I was even brought to tears at one point from the joy I felt over finding a human who could genuinely guide me.

Over the past three months, Britt has used her own intuition, channeling, and guidance to help me connect with my inner knowing and start walking the path towards my purpose. I highly recommend Britt if you are feeling as though you are in a rut and need clarity or if you just need assistance wherever you may be to rise up to your fullest potential. 


“I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with Britt. She thoughtfully supported me through really figuring out what was important in clothing, the long process of cleaning out my closet and then was able to help me find joy in replacing only what I really needed. It’s actually exciting to look into my closet and see pieces that make me feel great, that I love to wear and am drawn to over and over again. The mall has lost all power over me!”

Lori // Style Guidance

“These last couple months with Britt have been so expansive & formative. Her gentle but firm nature creates a safe space that facilitates vulnerably & personal growth. Britt is an absolute natural, is highly intuitive & has an intrinsic ancient wisdom that feels as though she has been practicing for years.”

Melissa // Intuitive Lifestyle Guidance 

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