The purpose of Flopsy Life has always been to build a community. As such, one of our favourite things to do is work with others who's philosophies & values align with ours. Below are some of the options we currently have for working with us. We are also always open to hearing ideas - if there is a project you would like to do but don't see here, feel free to send us an email at



Flopsy Life will only ever share, support, or accept products from companies who align with our goals & values. I will not post about something I do not believe in, would not use myself, or would not tell my friends & family to use. I will always give an honest review of a product, regardless of what the company is or how I received the product (sponsored or purchased). That said, I will not post a fully negative review simply because a product was not my favourite - in that instance, I simply will not post a review. Flopsy Life aims to be supportive & share the best, so it is not in line with our purpose & goals to share things I don't support or believe to be the best. Therefore, please be aware that sending us product does not guarantee we will post a review or share on social media (if there is an issue with this, please discuss a backup plan with us before sending product).


Guest Posts

The point of building a community is to share stories & support each other. We love sharing others' stories, especially when it comes to mental health, spirituality or wellness. Guest posts are always welcome, as are guest features. If you would like to send in your story or talk to us about a feature you had in mind, please email us at 

I also truly enjoy writing for other publications & sharing my own thoughts & stories. If there is something you would like to collaborate on to have featured on your own site, I am all ears! You are also welcome to repost something I have already written, provided you notify me & credit accordingly.


Sponsored Posts

We offer packages based on whether you are looking for social media or blog posts sharing your products. If you would like to send us products to review please send an email for the shipping address & we can chat!



Isaac Peters is a professional photographer & is available for hire. He excels at portraits, urban settings, product photography. Rates operate on a per project basis, so email us to discuss what you are looking for. 



As you can see on our site, we do run ads. We are very selective about the ads we feature. We do have different packages & prices for this option, such as simply buying ad space, buying instagram posts, or both. Again, this is a very selective program, & we reserve the right to accept or decline which companies we will work with.