Dedicated to providing women with a space for the exploration of their truest self.


Purposefully Driven.

A collection of offerings, insights and tools to help women reconnect to their intuition so they may intentionally curate every facet of their life. Through this journey, you will begin to see the magic in both the darkness and light in life, and become equipped with the fortitude to navigate every space with confidence and grace.


Intuitively Guided.

Our holistic approach provides guidance for those looking for healing, rebranding or empowerment. Through our resources, informative insights, courses and guides, and one-on-one services, Flopsy Life aims to have a support resource for those who are searching.

01. Insights & Musings

A free collection of articles, insights and musings on how to live a life that aligns with your true self, dealing with personal style, lifestyle, spirituality, and mental health.

02. Guides & Courses

Currently in creation.

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03. Intuition & Life Guidance

I provide guidance on using intuition as a tool to help you achieve your goals – spiritual, personal or material – and redefine your purpose in life. I create space to allow you to release any past stories and limiting beliefs.

04. Personal Style Guidance

I offer support on creating authentic personal style while building body acceptance and confidence. I provide direction with getting started on your slow fashion journey.


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